Eiderphoto and the Artist

Javier Alonso-Photographer

Javier Alonso is a nature and traveler photographer based in the Basque Country, in Northern Spain. He has gained massive acclaim for his development of a highly sophisticated style of photography characterized by a combination of ambitious compositions and seductive processing. His portfolio is a testament to his incredible range and his ability to translate scenes with even the most unconventional features and challenging conditions into compelling works of art.

Over the last 30 years, Javier Alonso has become an accomplished outdoorsman and traveler. He spent ample time in the various wilderness areas of the world such as The Pyrenees mountains, The AlpsAustralia mainland, Tasmania, New Zealand, Scotland, Poland, Greece, Italy, India, among others. He does hiking and mountain climbing, cross-country ski and other activities, which he combines with Photography.
Through his tours, Javier shares an incomparable experience of adventure which often results in dramatic, unique and compelling Photography.

My Artistic Vision
I have been fascinated by the possibilities of photography since my early childhood.
A new age of photography is upon us, and I have fully embraced it. I enjoy pushing the boundaries whencreating imagery of our natural world. This is my creative vision, largely influenced by my experiences with nature.
I hope you enjoy my work!

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